Thursday, June 23, 2011

Drink Water

Its been over a week since I blogged. Thats is a WHOLE lot of food to remember hahaha.And the "Drink Water" Title has a lot of meaning....a little later on

So since I cannot tell you every little thing I have eaten over the past week because 1: that would be extremely boring and 2: I do not have that kind of memory! I will just kind of touch on what we did this past week/weekend and tell you what I ate that I actually do remember.

Friday my whole family went to San Antonio for a mini vacation to go to Sea World!!! Friday for lunch I had my marvelous husband bring me a Bean burrito from Taco Casa for on the road. Then we just snacked a little too. We got to San Antonio about 5:30/6:00 I think and had to hurry to get freshened up and downtown to the riverwalk for our Reservations at 7:30 at this place called La Paloma. We went there because my mom had found a coupon online. You had to spend 100 bucks though to use it. Connor (my brothers best friend/roommate) met us there too because he lives in San Antonio now. It was NOT HARD to get to 100 considering their ENTIRE MENU was WAY overpriced! It was good food and of course you pay for the atmosphere but eh...overpriced. Me and John split a Filet. Which was good and the mashed potatoes and steamed veggies that came with it were good too. I got a margarita too which was good. (yes I occasionaly have a margarita...they are tasty) So after dinner I told my parents about Gelato (Thanks Robert) and there just happened to be a Gelato place on the riverwalk. So we went there. $8.62 for a little bowl!!!!!! Seriously Riverwalk why are u overpriced!? I just got Chocolate and split it with Grace and honestly it was really good! We all were very tired and knew we had a busy day ahead of us tomorrow spending it ALL at seaworld! So we went back to the Hotel.

Saturday morning for breakfast I ate a Cliff Bar don't remember which one it was...but it was good. haha mistake...didn't drink anything. (more about that in a bit) We got to Seaworld around 11 because our shuttle from the Hotel was at 10:40 and after the line to get in the parkinglot of seaworld and line to get in etc. We first went to see Elmo 4D! It was cute...took grace a bit to get into and actually wear the glasses plus she had to pee in the middle of it. Then went by the Elmo play area. Then saw A Beluga story. Then we decided to get an all you can eat pass for the day. There are a few places in Seaworld where if you have a band on your arm you get a entree, side/dessert, and a drink. and you can go through the line as many times as you want. So...I got one...and my mom got one...for 5 people. And we were all WELL fed for that entire day!! The food at seaworld is really good! I was impressed. We then decided after getting the bracelets to go to the waterpark cuz boy was it HOT!! I was standing in line for a little slide that Grace can go down when all of a sudden I started getting dizzy....nauseous...and had to walk away quick. I handed her to John and sat down. NOT GOOD!! Hands closing in...coughing (like before you puke, but didn't ever puke thank GOODNESS! that woulda been more embarrasing than the situation already was) I told John to go ahead and meet my parents at the food place and I'd meet him there in a second. After a couple minutes I got up and started to walk again HOPING to make it to the place where my family was, but not 10 seconds later I thought if I don't sit down Im gonna be OUT! So I sat closing in again...and stopped some random people to ask for help. They gave me a bottle of water which I DOWNED and they called for the medic (embarrasing right!!) by the time he got to me I felt SO much better and he said "You dont look bad compared to most people I see" the lady who helped me said "you shoulda seen her at first!" John got to me right after that and we walked to the food place. By the time I got there I felt almost 100% just a little strange from almost passing out twice. By the time we got there too my mom was almost through the line with the first Double Bacon Cheeseburger/Watermelon and drink. Then she got BACK in line with me and we each got another double bacon cheeseburger/watermelon and drink. We had a lot of food left...the cheeseburgers were HUGE!!!!

We then did some other stuff....road a couple rollercoasters...saw Shamu (and am possibly in a movie now) and ate more food. We stopped after Shamu at the barbeque place and got brisket, french fries, and I got sugar cookies which were AMAZING!!

Grace played at Elmo for the last of the day. Did the carousel...water...road the little farris wheel type thing. And we were thirsty so I went to another a sandwhich, chips, and a drink. The sandwhich was yummy!!

We got back to the hotel after 8...and WE pretty much went straight to sleep!!

Sunday we went BACK to seaworld for half day. We played at the waterpark first with barely any lines. Went down the kiddie slide with grace (no passing out this time) and had a lot of fun being cool in the waterpark. For Lunch we had TURKEY LEGS!! Those things are really good. GREASY but good!!! We ate those while watching Azul which was my favorite show.

Dinner...we didn't really eat dinner. Had snacks on the road pretty much. and got stuck in traffic an hour due to a grass fire! SOOO maybe I'll post tomorrow to update more considering this one post about Seaworld is SO LONG!!! It was FUN and I can't wait to go back!

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