Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well we DID have Mcdonalds for breakfast. A sausage mcmuffin to be exact (Dollar menu) and it was tastey!! Then grace had her Gymnastics which was fun!! She is still a little apprehensive about the beginning warm up stuff. She doesn't like following directions haha.

We then got home around 10:30 and John got home right after us too because he had already almost worked 50 hours this week. So about 11:00 I was already ready for lunch!! So Grace had Mac and Cheese, I had Spicy Beef Ramen noodles!! Man sometimes Ramen noodles just hit the spot ya know!? I had always only had the chicken flavor then decided one day to branch out to other flavors and I had no idea what I had been missing!! But I didn't have a very exciting lunch...

So we ran out of Graham crackers to make those delicious microwave smores. So I compromised. I just put marshmellows and chocolate on a plate in the microwave...melted it...mixed it up and ate it on a fork!! YUMMMY! I use to do that all the time as a kid. Would shove chocolate chips in the marshmellows and eat them. I shared with Grace today...and had to make a second helping because she loved it too!!

We swam today too. And of course swimming makes you hungry. Even if it is in a pool thats 12 feet by 30 inches. I just ate some crackers. Woohoo. This short paragraph could have just been skipped over...too late now though!

This afternoond we were watching....something...on tv. Can't remember what...but they were eating hamburgers. I told John...lets eat hamburgers for dinner...those look GOOD! So....we did. Rick and Carolyn's hamburgers here in Abilene. Pretty good! Not like fabulous but a good hamburger and to my surprise they were FAST for once. You get free ice cream with your combos too there....but the ice cream was pppphhhtttthhhh (suppose to be the noise when you stick your tongue out and blow) Weird ice cream. I threw mine away.

Came home about 5:30...bored. Watched some Tv... then some more TV....gave kids bath... then DESSERT! I just ate the rest of the chocolate bar from the marshmellow thingy from earlier! :-) Anyhoo...looks like so far this blog is working long as people read it! HA! If not...I'll at least have record of all I eat! Welp- Im gonna make like an egg and Beat it! :-p (that was lame)

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