Monday, June 13, 2011

Trying to remember...

So I have a lot of meals to remember....

Saturday night for dinner had no idea where we wanted to go. We just kind of started driving. I then remembered there was a new BBQ place on Buffalo Gap somewhere. So we drove that direction and found it. Al's Mesquite Grill (I think) is what it was called. Nice building...nice sign! We had Grace, our foster baby, and Marissa so we had our hands full. I got the girls corn dog with fries kids meals. I got brisket, broccoli casserole, and green beans. John got sausage, corn, and a roll. We weren't impressed. Over priced. John said his sausage tasted pretty much like a hot dog. No flavor. Nothing was special about mine either. Maybe their steaks are good. Who knows.

Sunday morning we had donuts for breakfast before church. AM Donuts, which john loves. I however prefer Dandy Donuts. Kind of funny you can be picky about Donuts. We also stopped by Starbucks on the way to church and I got a Green Tea Lemonade. Yummy!!

After church we weren't very hungry due to eating donuts for breakfast so we just came home. I made the girls kind of whatever they wanted. I made me (when I got hungry) a Totino's Supreme Pizza. It was pretty good...especially since they are cheap! Had 2 smores too. I try to remind myself its bathing suit season but sometimes I just don't care! lol

This week is VBS at our church so we had to be there around 5:40. So at 5:00 me and the 3 girls went to Mcdonalds and ate. I just ate a McDouble and a couple of the girls fries from their happy meals. and of course because it was VBS I had a cookie for dessert!!

Now its Monday morning and Im sitting on the couch next to my beautiful daughter Grace watching Barney. I never mind watching these kid shows. She really has learned a lot of Barney and other shows she has watched. Like she knows her shapes...I hadn't taught her yet but there is a shapes song on barney!! I had Peanut Butter Crunch cereal for breakfast again....Grace has only eaten a peach. She's not a big breakfast eater!

This weekend we are going to Sea World in San antonio. Im SUPER excited but...won't be able to write till we get back so...I may not remember EVERYTHING I had but I'll hit the GOOD stuff!!

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