Saturday, June 11, 2011

I ALMOST did it!!

Yes...I ALMOST did it yesterday...I ALMOST went the whole day with out buying anything to eat. But I failed...I bought a Grande Non-fat No whip Mocha Frappucino from Starbucks. Which was delish!!!

Breakfast yesterday I ate another Cliff bar. It was the Chocolate Chip peanut crunch and oh my goodness it was good. However I don't know exactly how much better this thing is than other things. It has quite a few calories and sugar...and well its not that big so it doesn't quite fill me up (hence the mocha frappucino) But I guess it does have some healthy stuff in it so....yeah!

We went grocery shopping yesterday...I wish I could show you what I buy at the grocery store. You'd probably be shocked. Its not a lot of normal stuff...its a lot of RANDOM stuff and junk. haha! Next time I'll list everything...too lazy to do that today. :-) So for lunch we had PBJ again. and I had also bought a little thing of macaroni salad from their deli just for the heck of it. Which was pretty gross. too much mayonaise for me!! I also had bought a thing of Gummy Worms and Peachie-o's (sp??) so we snacked on those.

Don't really remember what and if I ate anything for a snack. Ohhhh weelllll. For dinner we had a Skillet meal by P.F. Changs. It was the beef and brocolli one. Pretty good and VERY easy and pretty fast too. Only negative thing is that one package is BARELY enough for Me, John, and Grace. If there was a little more in a bag I would give it a 10!

Dessert I decided to make Brownies...mainly for the brownie batter. nothing better than brownie batter!!!

Today started off with Captain crunch peanut butter cereal (bought at store yesterday) which I LOVE!! Loved it as a kid too (from what I remember). I have Marissa today so we played at the park and fed the ducks Animal Crackers haha. Ironic kind of. Thats all I had available! Then we went to none other than Taco Casa for lunch at 11 and met my parents there. I had a Tostada that was a "mess up" but it didn't really hit the spot since I didn't want that today. So I ate half...threw it away and ate some of my parents nachos.

We are now home....watching tv...after swimming. And I am about to eat a Brownie!! I have to say I DO plan on going out to dinner tonight. Not sure where yet but somewhere good!! :-)

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