Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Im a slacker

I am a slacker!!!

Falling behind on my "blog"!

Don't even know where to start....yesterday?! Did I talk about that?!?! Breakfast- Eggo Waffles. Yum!! Lunch- Little Panda delivered to the house! (BLAGH) Just not a big fan of chinese food. I like Japanese! Chinese is different...or maybe I just get the wrong thing. Dinner- Chick fil A! We had to go early because of VBS. We met the Blasingames there and ate pretty quick and had to rush to VBS. I got a chocolate milkshake from there again. SO GOOD!

Breakfast this morning I had peanut butter cereal and of COURSE had Taco Casa for lunch because I asked Grace what she wanted and she requested it. I think she loves going there to see her daddy. Not as much for the food haha!

Not into the writing mood today...even though I am just sitting here watching tv haha!

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