Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sardines are...

DELICIOUS!!! Seriously...they are! I had them for lunch today. I bought 2 cans at the store today. One in water and one in mustard. I ate the mustard one today. Grace likes sardines too but didn't like it in mustard. Funny huh!! And I just eat it straight from the can.


This past weekend we went to Ft Worth/Arlington/Mansfield area. Our church all went to the Rangers game on Saturday but we went down from Friday. For Dinner friday we went by Fuzzy's Taco in Ft Worth. It was good! I had 1 Grilled Shrimp taco, we got chips and guacamole and queso. I loved everything. Their tacos have Feta Cheese on them adn some other good stuff and their hot sauce stuff was amazing!!

We stayed with our friends Kallen and Kelsey and that night we went out on their boat till about 10! We had a lot of fun and watched the guys Wakeboard. After we got back to the house we went by this place called Purple Berri which is a yogurt place (like Nikkis here in abilene) it was great!! All their flavors (that I tried) were amazing!!

The next day we had donuts/kolaches for breakfast. Us girls went by this really cute boutique place. I got grace a cute dress and me and shirt that says Mommy of 1! Im proud! haha For lunch we had none other that Paciugo. It was in a mall. So we went to the mall. JUST for Paciugo (Gelato). The reason we didn't eat a big lunch was we were going to the Rangers game and were sitting in the all you can eat seats. We got there at 1 and the game didn't start till 3.

Me and Lauren decided to look in a shop while the boys went up to our seats. When we got up there John had a ball he had got from Batting practice! YAY....except... this OLD man wouldn't leave him a lone about giving it to his Great Grandson!! Stupid old man!! So John was sweet and gave it to him. Then another ball came flying and bounced off his hands and another couple got it. I was hoping that just meant we would get a REAL homerun to us but...the rangers played HORRIBLE! We left at the end of the 6th. We did eat a lot. Hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, and grilled chicken sandwiches.


So Genghis Grill opened yesterday here in Abilene. So WE WENT! Ok...maybe going to a restaraunt the first night it opens is a bad idea. Rice was crunchy...service was SLOW and it was not busy...and got grace Spaghetti which ended up being curly noodles with a little cheese on it with no flavor. She pretty much ate my food. Bad thing was our bill was 35 freaking bucks!! too much

and that leads us today...to the Sardines for lunch! :-)

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